The Hyde Park Pet Cemetery is hidden from view behind thick bushes. You can only see it if you peer very carefully through the tangled undergrowth. There doesn’t appear to be any signage, and no visitors are allowed. If you’ve got a good lens and stretch your hand carefully between the fence posts it’s possible to get a few photos unobscured by dead leaves and branches.

If you are more enterprising, climbing on the fence and holding the camera aloft will net some pretty good shots of the miniature tombstones. You’ll see the wonderful names that the Victorians and Edwardians gave to their beloved pets: Snap, Maudie and Sambo are just a few of the monikers you’ll see of expired, four-legged friends of families who have long since vanished from this earth. [Google Map]

-Martha Gall

(London, UK January 2010)

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Martha Gall's Big Photo

The view up there

On Friday 3 July 2009 Dazza and I flew from London to Prague for a weekend with old friends. We were due to arrive at 9pm, and as we approached Prague we descended through layers of black, gold and pink cloud which revealed brilliant last bursts of sun. It felt like we watching an incredible, completely natural performance.

(Above Prague, July 2009)


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Abney Park
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Abney Park

On a sunny Saturday in January we wandered through Abney Park, in Stoke Newington, north London. The Park was a cemetery until the 1970s but nature is now reclaiming the graves, stone statues and the abandoned chapel. These days Abney park is used by families, elderly couples, solitary souls, and film crews.

(London, UK January 2009)


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Air Travel 2008

When you live in London, England and your family is located in Vancouver and Ottawa, Canada, to see them you need to fly. A lot.

Last summer we flew Air Canada, Westjet and Zoom (which folded a month or two later). The longest flight was Zoom-ing from London to Vancouver. It’s a flight that sees you leave at lunchtime and arrive mid-afternoon 10 hours later, having been strapped into a small chair for almost the length of the journey (except for bathroom breaks).

(Summer 2008)


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the end of the awards night

The business awards have been won; now it’s time to party

(London, UK November 2008)


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